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Things on the mind, 5/20

Social onychophorans! Don’t say you’re not excited. These worm-like creatures exhibit complex social behaviors with a strict hierarchy.

Do it like you dopamine it. Distinctions between phasic and tonic dopamine, and how that affects behavioral responses.

Noisy genes and the limits of strict determinism. Why are monozygotic twins not phenotypically identical? How noise in the system disrupts expression.

How charisma affects the brain. In an experiment pairing Pentecostals or secular subjects with a non-christian/christian/christian with “healing powers”, the Pentecostals had decreased activation in the executive network – specifically, dlPFC, mPFC, inferior temporal cortex, tempoparietal junction, and lOFC. This is similar to reports from hypnosis studies.

In honor of Ada Lovelace day, a post on Emily Noether, mathematical badass


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